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PLA VIDEO FROM UNIVERSITY OF PHOENIX (acquired college-level knowledge outside of a college classroom.)You may have developed college-level skills and knowledge through your past work, training, volunteering, adult education courses, hobbies, in-service work or other experiences.  You can write out all the voluteer and fundraising experience as well and review the funding website:  This would be under finance xperential learning, marketing, financial planning, communication skills such as group communication, interpersonal communication, grantsmanship, accounting,promotions strategies,community resources,
(more topics on page:

Other topics include:

Physical Education/Recreation
  • Theory  and Analysis of Coaching Competitive Sports - UD, 3 CR

Physical Education -

U can use the Sportsvite page to reference just about every sport available that can be considered:


to Qualify For CreditsThere are two ways to qualify:

  1. Create a Professional Training Portfolio.
    This portfolio will include a description of an institutional or corporate training course, the date it was completed, number of hours of training and other essential information such as a course description. More information, including the type of training that qualifies, is available in the Professional Training Portfolio page.
  2. Write an Experiential Learning Essay on an approved topic.
    Experiential Essays must be selected from a list of approved topics and written in the David Kolb’s experiential learning model. Review the topic list and Kolb’s learning model to find out more. 
example of essays from the Phoenix website:

What is Kolb’s Experiential Learning Model?

According to Kolb, “Knowledge results from the combination of grasping experience and transforming it.” In his model, there are four distinct segments to learning:
  • Description of Concrete experience
  • Reflections
  • Generalizations/Principles/Theories
  • Testing and Application

Applying Kolb’s Model to Your Essay

When you write your experiential essay, you are required to use each of Kolb’s four steps to describe each of the required subtopics. For instance, if you have developed a nutrition or health plan with your health care provider, and have maintained that health plan, you may want to write the essay on “Human Nutrition and Health”. You must address these three subtopics in your 3,000 to 4,500 word essay:
  • Subtopic 1: Explain the physiological role of protein, fat, and carbohydrates in maintaining health.
  • Subtopic 2: Explore the physiological role of vitamins and minerals in disease prevention.
  • Subtopic 3: Discuss major nutritional guidelines to decrease heart disease, cancer, and osteoporosis.
  • Subtopic 4: Analyze modifications from national recommended guidelines you have made in your diet and the rationale for those modifications.
  • Subtopic 5: Explore challenges US citizens encounter in attaining sound nutrition.
  • Subtopic 6: Discuss current fad diets and the hazards they bring to overall health and wellness.

Company articulation submission process:

  1. Company gathers internal corporate training for assessment to include:
    • Course title and number 
    • Course clock hours 
      • If courses are listed as lasting ‘one day’ or two days,’ please define the hourly length of a ‘day.’ 
      • Indicate when lunch times and/or break times apply.
    • Delivery modality (classroom, lab or self-paced).
    • Year and date of delivery.
    • Include company logo with the submission.
  2. Company submits the training coursework materials to the University electronically.
  3. Company may submit hard-copy materials to University of Phoenix, 4035 S. Riverpoint Parkway, Mailstop CF-LF401, Phoenix, AZ 85040. 
  4. The articulation process may take four to six weeks, depending on the quantity of materials.
  5. Upon review, a credit recommendation guide will be provided.
  6. Most company-specific training will not qualify for the evaluation.
  7. Company must own the rights to all curriculum submitted for evaluation.


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