Thursday, September 29, 2011


FlashTrack courses: These courses are delivered to students on a 2 GB flash drive loaded with all course materials and software needed to prepare for the final exam. FlashTrack courses contain the same structure and functionality as an online course but enable students to work offline.
e-Pack® courses:  If you like the structure of a 12-week course, but prefer to work independently with no interaction with other learners, e-Pack® courses may be a good option.  Students take a series of online quizzes to prepare for a final exam.
Prior Learning Assessment courses: This course-based process enables students to demonstrate that they possess college-level knowledge of a subject that has been acquired outside of a traditional classroom setting, such as at work or through volunteer service.

TECEP® Exams:  Like other credit-by-exam programs, TECEP® exams are designed for highly independent learners who have the ability to study in a student-centered environment with no time constraints, no assignments, and no mentor interaction.

FlashTrack Courses


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