Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What Is College Preparatory Coursework? Where Are The College Readiness Courses Being Offered? Distance Learning Courses/High School Courses

College Preparation

College Prep is a program designed to provide effective learning and study techniques for college bound students. It aims to:
  • assist students in increasing their academic ability in the areas of reading, writing, and mathematics;
  • address the transitional issues first-year college students encounter;
  • assist students with enrolling in and completing either a two-year or four-year degree program;
  • assist students in the college survival process by covering topics such as the college admissions process, financial aid, freshman year experiences, critical thinking, and career exploration.
The College Prep program benefits individuals who:
  • have obtained a high school diploma or GED, but have yet to complete an educational program at the postsecondary level;
  • are the first in their family to attend college;
  • are interested in pursuing and excelling in a degree program; and
  • have taken the CUNY entrance exam and have double and triple remediation requirements.


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