Tuesday, February 21, 2012

944 Things Creative People Can Learn From Spotify

When you’re a creative person or an entrepreneur, sometimes it feels like you’re working in the salt mines. Grinding work, day after day, pushing out songs or words or business plans.
Let’s do a thought experiment, and pretend that today, instead of being, say, a musician, you actually are making salt.
You dig your salt, package it for sale, and bring it to market. As an artist or entrepreneur, that’s pretty much what you do, day after day, year after year: mine, package, sell. Since you’re a creative person, after a while you get bored with one kind of salt, so you decide to spread your wings and try making different kinds of salt…maybe you try smoked salt, or sea salt, or pink salt.
Eventually, your salt repertoire looks like this photo I took yesterday at a Whole Foods Market (photo link at http://www.culturalweekly.com/944-things-creative-people-can-learn-from-spotify.html)

You are obviously a creative genius! You have 62 different kinds of salt! That’s exactly what you should be doing – dreaming up new kinds of salt, pushing the boundaries of your salt-repertoire.
From this perspective, 62 kinds of salt don’t seem excessive, as it would appear to the average consumer. It’s your work. You’re the salt-artist, and you should spread your wings.


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