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My Own Business makes online certificate courses free for all entrepreneurs.


Social Enterprise Offers Free Professional Business Courses


In effort to support self-employment, My Own Business makes online certificate courses free for all entrepreneurs.

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 26, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- My Own Business, Inc (MOBI), a leading provider of small business education, is offering its online certificate courses free of charge for all members of the public.  This move is aimed at supporting current small business owners and individuals who aspire to become self-employed.
Phil Holland founded My Own Business in 1992 with the mission of supporting local economies through small business.  To date, over 20 million entrepreneurs and small business owners have used the material to improve their business skills.  Phil explained, "Many organizations charge a tidy sum for good, structured education.  We used to charge too to help cover our costs.  But in these times not everyone can afford to pay, yet business still goes on and entrepreneurs can still give a big boost to the economy, but only with the right support."
Two online certificate courses are presently available at basic and advanced levels.  Both are step-by-step guides designed to help participants navigate the rocky startup and growth phases of a small business respectively.  Both courses are now free, graded, and upon successful completion an official certificate will be mailed to the participant, also free of charge.  Kelvin Ho, MOBI's Executive Director shared, "The best advice is from those who have been there, done that.  There are some areas of knowledge that are just so important when you're taking that first leap into startup or expansion.  We make it our mission to share the honest experiences of other business owners and professionals, the lessons they've learned, the dos and don'ts – that's information that everyone should benefit from."    
Said Ann Kulichik, owner of AK Speech, now a successful speech therapy clinic in Lowell, MA, "It was foundational to my business plan.  The advice from actual business owners gave me several things to consider.  I believe it eliminated a lot of mistakes on my part."  My Own Business hopes the free courses will enable even more business owners like Ann and others to get the advice they need to grow healthy enterprises.
The courses are called Starting My Own Business and Building My Own Business.  They contain 15 sessions each, covering the most important aspects of starting and building a strong business.  Members of the public can access the full courses via the My Own Business website at
About My Own Business, Inc
My Own Business, Inc (MOBI) is a leading provider of free business education to small business owners. We exist to support the vital social and economic contributions of small businesses by nurturing entrepreneurship and helping individuals build their own business. Online at
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