Friday, June 22, 2012

The Transfer Services Network (TSN) is a Community of Colleges and Universities Supporting the Publication and Coordination of Transfer Information Services.

The Transfer Services Network (TSN) is the authoritative transfer and articulation gateway for postsecondary students and education providers. TSN provides students and academic professionals with a one-stop platform to enable transfer between institutions and across academic programs. TSN facilitates transfer processes that respect the unique academic histories presented by students. Methods and standards for academic credit portability across individual institutions are respected and disclosed to students.
  • Join 1,000 and growing institutions across the United States working together. 
  • Share a common repository for course offerings and equivalencies.
  • Post your learning outcomes and course artifacts to enable alignment between senders and receivers.  
  • Enable pathways proactively.  Reduce the load reactively.
  • Help students realize their investment in learning through Course Transferability Disclosure.
  • Help your institutions align curriculum and improve the view of relevancy in today's highly competitive world.
  • Promote program and course transferability important to prospective students and their advisors. 
  • Become a transfer friendly institution focused on outcomes and student success.


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