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  • What is Live in Home Staging?
    Homestaging is the art of preparing of home for sale. As an industry, homestaging has exploded over the last 20 years being popularized by HGTV and other media. Live-in home staging is a specialized niche that isn’t as well known but has been highly successful. For more than 2 decades Live In Homestagers have been reaping the benefits of the market opportunity created by sellers who wish to stage vacant houses. Homestaging transforms a house full of cold, empty rooms into a showplace complete with beautiful furniture and artwork. This arrangement benefits both the home seller and the Live In Home Stager. The home seller in turn gets a furnished home that is more marketable and well cared for by the occupants. The Live In Home Stager gets to live in a beautiful home for a fraction of what it might otherwise cost to rent or lease a comparable home. Statistics demonstrate that well maintained and occupied homes sell faster than vacant homes and usually command a higher price.
For a limited time you may be eligible toreceive $100.00* by simply creating a free account and posting your profile as a Live In Home Stager
It’s quick and easy!
  • How will I benefit by being a Live in Home Stager?
    - You have the opportunity to live in a great house for a fraction of the cost of a typical rental.
    - You may receive a selling bonus if the house you stage sells within a set period of time.
    - You have many of the benefits of home ownership without the financial responsibility.
    - You can experience different lifestyles and neighborhoods before making a commitment to an area.
  • Are there any qualifications to being a Live In Home Stager? Yes, you must have good quality furniture and accessories that would be suitable for the home you are staging. You must be very neat and cooperative to accommodate showings. Some homeowners will also consider your credit rating and your employment status in their decision.
  • What will I be expected to do as a Live In Home Stager?
    A Live In Home Stager provides a valuable service by helping to enhance the marketability of a vacant house while it’s listed for sale. A live in home stager furnishes and occupies the vacant house and maintains it as if it were a model home, like a surrogate homeowner or a home manager. The goal is to dress up the vacant rooms and create an atmosphere that will help a buyer imagine themselves living there. You will be expected to cooperate with real estate agents who want to show the home during real estate showing hours, possibly on short notice. You will be expected to maintain the lawn and the pool (if there is one). You will be expected to move out when the owner tells you the house is sold.
  • How does it work?
    When you create a profile including photos of your furniture on, you will become part of the only national database of live in homestagers. Your profile is your opportunity to market yourself to a homeowner. A well written profile with good photos will increase your chances of being selected to stage a really great house. Homeowners, banks or real estate agents with a vacant house to sell can contact you through the website to make specific arrangements with you about a particular home. They may require a deposit, like a security deposit in case of damage, they may also ask you to provide an insurance policy, like a renters policy. You should meet with someone at the home before making any commitments and before signing any contracts or paying any deposits. You will probably be expected to pay a fee each month instead of a rent payment. You will be providing a service for the vacant house and also receiving the benefit of living there while you provide the service. The monthly fee you pay should be significantly less than the cost of renting a similar house. Some stagers have negotiated a bonus incentive paid to them if the house sells quickly, once they have staged it. Homeowners will have the opportunity to ‘rate’ you as a live in stager once the house is sold. Live in Stagers with a higher rating may be selected for better homes or may be able to negotiate lower fees or a bigger selling bonus in the next house they stage.
  • When do I receive the $100.00?In order to be eligible to receive the $100.00 you must first create a stager profile with photos of your furniture on Once you have been selected by and have a contract with a registered home-seller, you must provide us with a copy of your executed home stager agreement with the home-seller. When your agreement is verified with the Home-seller we will mail you a check or a Visa gift card for $100.00. A registered home-seller, without limitation, must have an account in good standing with The Homeowner must contact you through the website. You may not include contact info in your profile, such as phone or email address, doing so will disqualify you from receiving the $100.00 and your profile will be deleted from the site.
  • Who is responsible for necessary repairs to the house while I am the Live In Stager?
    All terms and conditions of the staging agreement , including responsibility for repairs and maintenance should be spelled out in the stager agreement before it is executed. Terms and conditions of such agreements are usually negotiable between the home-seller and the stager before they occupy the house. Most of the time, live in stagers don’t mind paying for small repairs (perhaps 50.00 per month) because their living expenses tend to be so much less than in a typical rental situation.


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