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USF Housing & Residential Education
The Department of Housing & Residential Education provides a safe community, innovative ... Learn more about USF's residence halls in three building styles.

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Side upward view of Suites-on-Grant

Suite-Style Living

IUP is a university on the move. Exciting growth and changes are happening around campus, and part of the “buzz” is the progress on the largest university housing project of its kind in the country. Known as the Residential Revival, this project has brought comfortable and attractive suite-style housing to students living on campus.
We know that having the right living arrangements will be an important part of your overall college experience. Eight state-of-the-art, suite-style residential buildings provide more than 3,500 beds, with each building offering four to six different styles of living units. All buildings include the following:
  • individual bathrooms in each suite
  • high-speed wired and wireless Internet connections
  • microwaves and refrigerators in each suite
  • suite options with living spaces that range from three hundred to one thousand square feet
  • individually controlled air conditioning and heating units
  • laundry and trash disposal facilities on each floor
  • indoor bicycle storage rooms
  • carpeting
Besides offering some of the most comfortable housing accommodations on any college or university campus, the suites are designed as living-learning facilities, connecting students to resources that ultimately help promote academic success. Amenity spaces—conveniently located on the ground floor or first floor of the suites—house a variety of academic and student-support offices. In addition, specially designed study and resource rooms on each floor are used for academic and personal enrichment activities, such as tutoring, study sessions, academic advising, lectures, resource sharing, performances, exhibits, and displays. And, besides the community assistants who live on each floor, Academic Success Mentors (ASMs) are available to assist new students in their academic and personal adjustment, so that students feel supported and “in touch” with faculty and staff, as well as with other students.
Eight suite-style residential buildings are available: Delaney and Putt halls, Suites on Maple–East, Ruddock Hall, Northern Suites, Suites on Pratt, Wallwork Hall, and Stephenson Hall (Crimson Suites). The suite styles shown below are available. (Please note that each suite type is not available in every building):

Indiana University of Pennsylvania Dorm

IU - Residential Programs and Services
Indiana University Bloomington. Loading. Residential Programs ... Residence HallMove In Guide · Apartments Move In Guide.

Virtual Residence Hall Tour
IU Bloomington Campus

What exactly does an RA do?
The role of the Resident Assistant is very important to the quality of residential life at the University of South Florida. The RA position is divided into six important roles: Community Developer, Resource & Educator, Facility Manager, Policy Enforcer, Emergency Responder, and Administrator. As a Resident Assistant, you would be responsible for the following:

Community Developer

  • Address the needs of the community to create opportunities for educational and personal development
  • Develop a community that encourages interaction and involvement among floor/hall members
  • Facilitate the creation of community standards
  • Regularly update residents of important policies and campus information

Resource & Educator

  • Assist residents as a peer helper to enhance students’ academic and personal success
  • Connect residents to other campus opportunities to ensure they have the ultimate USF experience
  • Connect residents to other campus offices, such as Advocacy, Counseling Center, Career Center, and more

Facility Manager

  • Work as a liaison between housing, facilities, and your community to ensure our communities are a place where students are proud to live
  • Educate students on their individual responsibilities to maintain a positive living environment

Policy Enforcer

  • Educate residents on University and Housing policies to make the community safe and comfortable
  • Work with residents to help them understand how their actions and decisions impact the larger community

Emergency Responder

  • Serve as the primary responder to address issues/concerns within your hall or area
  • Be visible and available to community members on a regular basis and when completing duty rounds


  • Use time management skills to effectively plan administrative tasks for the community (i.e., roommate agreements, room condition reports, etc.)
  • Facilitate surveys and evaluations to continue to improve the residential experience
  • Be one of the first staff members to welcome residents to the community by assisting with check-ins; complete check-outs for departing members of your floor or building

What is the weekly time committment?


  • 5pm until 8am the following morning for weekday duty
  • All day duty on weekends
  • Each community is different but you will be on duty roughly once every one to two weeks and one to three weekends a semester

RA Class

  • 2 hours each week during the first semester as an RA (8 week course)
  • Mandatory to pass it to keep RA Job, 80% is passing; Graded S/U


  • 3 hours each week
  • Staff meeting for 2 hours one night a week
  • One-on-One with supervisor for 1 hour one day a week

Vacations & Time Away

  • Each RA is allowed to request up to 2 weekends and 5 weekday nights away each month

Extracurricular Activities

  • RAs are allowed to have 12 hours of outside commitments per week. This may consist of, but is not limited to, clubs, organizations, job, church, etc.
  • If applicant will be doing an internship, this must be discussed with Housing staff prior to application/interviewing. Unfortunately, due to the time requirements of teaching internships, these will not be permitted.


  • RAs train and prepare the halls for 2 weeks prior to the fall semester and 5 days before the spring semester
  • Training is an all-day commitment, and other employment or outside responsibilities should not be scheduled

Life As A Resident Advisor
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Resident Assistants

College Dorm Life - Adventures of an RA - Resident Assistant


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