Monday, August 12, 2013

Distance Learning Schools- Mobility! Resources! Connecting! ( Why Choose A Cyber School? Many Pennsylvania parents find themselves considering home schooling as an option for their children who are having difficulty in a traditional school. But these parents do not necessarily have the time or know-how to school their children at home. For those parents, PA Distance Learning provides a practical solution. We offer classroom learning in a virtual environment for students in grades k-12. Students have teachers who are there to give them individual attention and help them every step of the way. We never leave parents or students in the dark about what they need to be doing. We've made virtual learning a team effort, engaging teachers, students and parents throughout the entire process. Students also have the opportunity to connect with other cyber students in the form of educational field trips and programs. If your child wishes to participate in sports, opportunities may exist within your local school district. At PA Distance Learning, we mesh the virtual with the personal, giving our students a truly unique experience that sets itself apart from traditional brick and mortar schools in Pennsylvania


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