Saturday, October 5, 2013
virtual graph paper

6 Useful Websites for Plotting Graphs Online

Instruction in the classroom is essential to a student's education, but practice at home is also a key educational element. Interactive computer games can capture a child's interest and imagination, while at the same time helping him to practice the knowledge--such as how to understand and use bar graphs--given to him in the classroom.

Graphing Drills

  • offers many different topics that involve bar graphs for students to hone their bar-graphing skills. Students are shown a graph, and are required to answer questions using the offered information. The website keeps track of players' progress and provides grades when they finish. If an incorrect answer is supplied, the program offers another opportunity to answer. There is no time limit for these exercises, so students can take as long as they need to to answer the questions.

Bugs in the System

  • This game, found on, offers students a chance to practice graphing data on a bar graph. The theme is bug catching, and the object is to drag the bugs from the screen to their proper place on the graph. If done incorrectly, the game will buzz and the bug will go back. Once all bugs are properly placed, the player advances to the next level. The game has six levels, each more challenging than the previous one. Players must also adjust graph scales to fit all the bugs. Students learn to sort data and graph it properly.

Using Bar Graphs

  • This game, found on, challenges players to make their own bar graphs using the provided information. To play, students must move the bars for each type of category on the bar graph to match the correct number on the scale of the bar graph. Players are given only four numbers on the scale, and it is up to them to determine how high they must raise the bar to match the correct scale number. Players not only learn how to properly input data on a bar graph, but also how to read the scale of a bar graph when given only a limited amount of information.

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