Monday, March 17, 2014

High School and Self-Education Board Are you schooling a high school student? Or giving yourself a classical education too?

What is Supplementary Accreditation?  a "Supplementary Educational Organization"

NARHS is no longer accredited, but they say for an extra $50 you can get an "accredited transcript" throughCustomized Education Designs, which claims to be regionally accredited as a "Supplementary Educational Organization" (but not a school). I don't see anything on either website that clearly spells out how it works to have the courses go through NARHS in Maine, while the transcript is issued by CED in Washington State? In one paragraph CED says they're accredted by the Middle States Assoc. of Colleges & Schools (which is weird, since neither Maine nor Washington are covered by the Middle States Assoc.), and then in the next paragraph they say they're accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Commission (which does cover Washington, where CED is located).
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Being fully accredited as a support program allows CED to provide transcripts for high school level work that is completed in many different venues...independent study, classroom, internet studies, virtual class-rooms, apprenticeships, trade/tech schools, self-designed courses, correspondence courses, and travel study.
Northwest Accreditation Commission is one of the big six regional agencies that cover the entire United States and offer reciprocity of credits granted. Such a distinguished accreditation means that CED can:
  • Ease credit transfer into public and private schools
  • Streamline admission into institutions of higher learning
  • Enhance scholarship opportunities.
Earning credit recognition from CED makes a positive statement about the quality of the course work completed and strengthens the growing trend in customized education.


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