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Making Storytime Available to Children of Working Parents/Alternative Methods of Belivering Literacy Programs

Public Libraries and the Scheduling of Children's Literacy Programs

making storytime available to children of working parents public libraries and the scheduling of children's literacy programs

Sandra Hughes-Hassell, Denise E. Agosto, aand Xiaoning Su
Sandra Hughes-Hassell, Denise E. Agosto, and Xiaoning Sun

Alternative Methods of Belivering Literacy Programs
The learners in any program or storytime experience are both

the children and the adults who accompany them. Children

learn a variety of prereading skills, such as print awareness,

letter knowledge, and how to retell a story.

Dial-a-Story is offered by four of the libraries. This service allows
children to hear a story, read by library staff or volunteers, over

the phone twenty-four hours a day. Picture books, folk tales,

fairy tales, fables, or poems several minutes long are the most

common selections. Selections usually change about once a

week. Funding for Dial-a-Story is often provided by community

organizations and Friends groups.

Web Site

Allen County Public Library

American Academy of Pediatrics


Baltimore County Public Library

Born to Read


Cuyahoga County Public Library


Enoch Pratt Free Library

International Children's Digital Library

Medina County District Library

Monroe County Public Library

Multnomah County Library

National Center for Family Literacy

Sesame Street Workshop


Zero to Three



Several of the libraries have developed special kits for parents

and caregivers of infants, toddlers, and preschoolers to borrow.

The Baltimore County Public Library, for example, provides

Baby Booster Kits-collections of books for use by parents

and child care providers. Through Project LEAP (Library's

Educational Alternative for Preschoolers), parents and caregivers

at the Cuyahoga County (Ohio) Public Library can borrow

thematic storytime kits, each of which contains eight books; a

music cassette or CD; an object such as a toy, puppet, or puzzle;

and an activity sheet.

The Allen Counýty (Ind.)

Public Library offers PACS

(Parent and Child Sets)-

number, letter, and imagination

kits to check out

Arthu ir and take home.



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