Monday, September 8, 2014

How Do Online AP Courses Work?

Online Advanced Placement (AP) courses are very much like regular AP classes. You have a teacher, receive a syllabus, complete reading and homework assignments, read or listen to lectures, take exams, etc. The difference is that you take the course online at home or school.
A well-thought-out online course includes a combination of presentations, audio, video, animations, and discussions. Communication between teachers and students is done through online discussions, e-mail, and sometimes over the phone.

How Do You Find Online AP Courses?

  • Find out what AP options are available at your high school. Many high schools purchase or lease online AP courses from private firms. If your school is not participating in such a program, ask your teacher or counselor for recommendations.
  • Look at state-based programs. Most states have "virtual academies" that offer online courses, including AP. Visit your state's department of education website for details.
  • Consider courses offered by colleges and universities. Some universities, such as University of California, Northwestern, and Stanford offer online learning programs that include AP courses. Often, only state residents are eligible for these programs, or students must score high enough on a qualifying exam before they can enroll. Be sure to check with the program or your counselor to make sure you qualify.

Take AP Online


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Can't get an AP course you want? Or fit an AP course into your schedule? Here's how to find AP courses you can take online.


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