Thursday, February 12, 2015

NEW FREE BUSINESS STARTUP COURSE, REAL LIFE APPLICATION! Should students want to purchase a specialization certificate through UMd or Johns Hopkins, it's $196 for "Entrepreneurship: Launching an Innovative Business" at UMd, $343 for "Mobile Cloud Computing with Android" at UMd and $470 for "Data Science" at Johns Hopkins. Course title: Entrepreneurship: Launching an Innovative Business

Coursera announced Wednesday that top companies like Google, Instagram and Shazam have joined Coursera to develop and assess Capstones for Coursera Specializations, taking the traditional senior project to a whole other level. Now, students enrolled in these specializations will be given the chance of a lifetime to showcase their academic knowledge to some of the brightest minds nationwide.
Each company that has signed on with Coursera will be working with a different university partner to create Capstone projects with real world applications, two of which are in the D.C. area.
For instance, the capstone for Mobile Cloud Computing will be offered by the University of Maryland. Students will be tasked with designing mobile cloud computing applications from scratch. Google will put these students to the test by reviewing the best of Android apps, incentivizing young scholars with the opportunity to have their app go live in the Google Play Store.


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