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School Choice & Adult Literacy

The corporation, in turn for the tax redirection, will receive a 100 percent tax credit for every dollar it donates. Participating corporations redirect funds they must already pay to the state, enabling them to help low-income children achieve greater educational excellence at no cost to the corporation. As a result, the program is paving the way for an educated workforce that will greatly contribute to the betterment of our communities.

Participating companies do not have to be headquartered in Florida; the only requirement is that they have tax liability with the state. Dollars can fund scholarships for children in a specific region(s) or across the state.

Partners with nonprofit Step Up For Students, & School Choice include:

Exposure of the organization's cause through partners including: Amscot, Hungry Howies, AEGON/Transamerica Companies, American Integrity Insurance Corporation, Amerigroup Community Care, Anesthesiologists Professionals Assurance Company, Ark Royal Insurance Company, American Strategic Insurance,AT&T, Bernie Little Distributors, Inc., BJ’s Wholesale Club, Brown & Brown, Brown Distributing Company, Burkhardt Distributing Company, Inc., Capitol Preferred, Carroll Distributing Company, Church Mutual Insurance Company, CenturyLink,  Cerner Corporation, City Beverages Orlando, Coastal Beverage, Ltd., Cypress Property & Casualty, Daytona Beverages, LLC, Eagle Brands Sales, EverBank, FACTS Management Company, FCCI,First Professionals Insurance Company, First Home Insurance Company, Florida Doctors Insurance Company, Florida Family Insurance Company, Gap, Inc., GEICO, Gold Coast Beverage Distributors, Inc., Gulf Power, Gulfstream Property & Casualty, The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc., HCA, Heritage Indemnity Company, Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company, JM Family Enterprises, Inc., LabCorp, Landstar Systems, Inc., Lending Processing Services, Inc., Liberty Mutual Group, Lincoln Heritage Life Insurance Company, Londen Companies, Lowe’s, Marriott International, MEDNAX Services, Inc., Miller Brewing Company, Mosaic Fertilizer, LLC,Nelnet, Peace River Distributing, Inc., Philadelphia Insurance Companies, Philip Morris USA, Preferred Care Partners, Progress Energy, PSS World Medical, Raymond James, Rosen, Safety National Casualty Corporation, Security First Insurance Company, Service Insurance Company, Southern Eagle Distributing, Inc., Southern Fidelity, Southern Oak Insurance Company, Southern Wine & Spirits of America, Inc., Summit, Sysco Food Services, South Florida, Inc., Sysco Food Services,West Coast, Inc., Tri-Eagle Sales, UnitedHealthcare, United Property & Casualty Insurance Company, Universal North America, Urban Outfitters, Vector Group Ltd., V.F. Corporation, Walgreen Co., Waste Management, Wayne Densch Inc., Wells Fargo, AAA National Office, Armstrong Foundation, Blue Ridge Foundation, Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation, Richard & Helen, DeVos Foundation, Robertson Foundation, Walton Family Foundation, still needs expansion into the community regarding school choice and what it means outside the traditional landscape of options in education reform, retention and as far as community-partnership visibility.  "The National Center for Family Philanthropy recently explored what philanthropy means to families and much of what they discovered supports my family's experience.

“Florida Alliance for Choices in Education (F.A.C.E.) was founded in 2010 as a means to expand school choice options with fair and equal access whether the option is public, private or home school”

“A nonprofit marketing campaign is a coordinated, concerted, multi-channel effort to get a specific group of people to take an action. Below are seven universal principles of successful marketing campaigns which you can apply to marketing your nonprofit to any audience:
Begin with the Desired Actions: Marketing starts by defining a desired action for a specific audience within a marketplace and plans backward from there. That's why our marketing arrowhead has action at its tip.
Speak from your audience's perspective: This audience perspective becomes the basis for forging connections with the people we want to reach, offering them a compelling benefit exchange, and sticking in their memories.
Be Inescapable: To succeed marketing campaigns must deliver a message many times, over time, in many forms. A few ads do not constitute a campaign. We need to concentrate our marketing efforts, or they won't have an effect.”
Katya Andresen,7 Steps to a Great Nonprofit Marketing Campaign,

The family philanthropy that Step Up For Students  has is an effective as a generational campaign, one of longevity, an extended family of corporate, nonprofit and personas that have progressive action campaigns such a rallies, public policy supporters, public interest and innovative leadership that make it attractive, testimonials that exhibit action on behalf of students, parents and goodwill.

“Without overindulging your organization's history in print, longevity in the nonprofit world can increase credibility, bringing value to your organization just as it would in the consumer world...
Reputation: This is a key brand ingredient for nonprofits and is heavily weighted. It can set you apart, or erode your existence. One negative media report on a nonprofit can set it back to the point where it may not recover. A nonprofit's main asset is its reputation. A product like Tylenol, which had its share of brand erosion several years ago after they recalled bottles following incidents of tampering, recovered with good PR tactics and investment.
Elaine Fogel,, Today's Fundraiser, December 23, 2004

Step Up For Students has proven their capacity in fundraising revenues that charted at beyond $118 million dollars and was able to increase their scholarship contributions cap to $229 million dollars annually. The capacity of the organization to recruit private donors, public interest, corporate donor support and individual capital in volunteerism is highly visible through its records of existing performance measures, scholarship recipients and the human story behind the fundraising campaign is one of which is exhibits multiple rewards, intrinsic rewards and those rewards include the core fundraising appeals:
• feeling good about themselves
• returning a favor, if they or their family has been helped by a particular organization
• getting a tax deduction
• helping solve a social, environmental, political, or medical problem that they
find personally important or that has affected their friends or family
• sending a message about their beliefs
• receiving quality information about a topic that interests them
• aligning themselves with friends, peers, or a community, or
• bringing about justice, or even vengeance, in an area where they or their
loved ones have been hurt.
Effective Fundraising for Nonprofits : Real-world Strategies That Work

@PublishersWkly Evolution The Educational Societies We Live Within The Social Learning Experiences Field Work  Open Library OL25663037M

The Educational Societies We Live Within
The Social Learning Experiences & ED.S:
Field Work

Evolution Part II EvolutionThe Educational Societies We Live WithinThe Social Learning Experiences Field Work 1 edition
By Dr. Sheila Jocelyn Shaw, D.B.A/M.B.A
Cover of: Evolution Part II EvolutionThe Educational Societies We Live WithinThe Social Learning Experiences Field Work by Dr. Sheila Jocelyn Shaw, D.B.A/M.B.A
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About the Book
Collaborative educational paradigms has evolved our educational platforms and continue to provide a future of diversity, less restrictions in geographic barriers towards meeting educational goals regardless of ant demographic or psychographic variables. Enabling, empowering and engaging curriculums are the purpose of transformational change in educational venues for todays students. A compilation of how today's educational entities are focusing on collaborative, coactive teams has been compiled in both Evolution I & Evolution II to provide an understanding of how students today interact in paradigms developed to provide a passport across barriers that have previously restricted learning efficiency. Knowledge, literacy and how to meet educational goals is provided in the foregoing series Evolution I & II, an educational philanthropic compilation of research.
"Teamwork-Today’s workplace is characterized by the emergence of group communication and work teams, units that must work cohesively to achieve the organization’s objectives. .. Without actual experience working together with others to produce tangible results, individuals are prone to peer-to-peer tensions and disharmony that invariably sabotages team effectiveness...
acquire the interpersonal skills necessary to communicate effectively with coworkers, along with an understanding of the implications of contributing to a team project."(
Building Trust Inside Your Team; Creating a Strong, Cohesive Group
"BUILDING YOUR TEAM-Here’s a great example of how teamwork promotes creativity and achieves
higher outputs through not just the design of one but, team or organizational design. Become a team!"
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Evolution II Flip Book
Evolution I (flipping book link)
Evolution I (Spanish translation)

Educational Philanthropist - website link Dr. Sheila Jocelyn Shaw, Dotorate of Business Administration & Martketing Life Coach Small Biz Development Specialist/Architect Some of my feature projects include: PROFILE RV50008193 PW:51480769 M.B.A. General Business Management, Everest University PROFILE Educational Philanthropist - website link Dr. Sheila Jocelyn Shaw, Doctorate of Business Administration & Marketing Life Coach RESIDENTIAL TRAINING Business Finance, Asset Management, Entrepreneurial Marketing, Industrial Marketing, Industry Competitive Analysis, Legal Aspects of Marketing, Marketing Communications, Marketing Management, Business Policy & Strategy, Management of Professionals, Change Management, Global Marketing, International Marketing, Organizational Management, Management Ethics, Management of Human Resources, Fundraising Management for Nonprofits NONPROFIT & PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS INDIANA UNIVERSITY - WTIU CAMPUS RADIO & TELEVISION STATION NATIONAL BLACK MBA ASSOCIATION MEMBER SINCE 2010 YOUTH OUT OF THE EDUCATION MAINSTREAM PHILANTHROPIC CAUSES FOR SCHOOL CHOICE HOME EDUCATORS/SCHOOL CHOICE: Organizational Communicational Design/Assessed Dysfunctions/Organization Design & Change in progressive Academic Curriculums Designed Towards Social Trends: Implemented frontier course material and designed course instruction based upon co-active networks, virtual classroom, collegiate/university integrated learning technology, inclusive of online distance learning, tutorial, and extended student programs towards curriculum acceleration and diversification as a trainer, advisor and coach. EXPERIENCE Media Artist Advertising Agent Copy Ad Broadcast Writer Visual Artist/Media Producer & Video Engineer/Videographer Business Analyst/Writer/Publisher Asset Developer duties: Market growth innovation : Products that customers care about and that will improve the community Venture Capital Consulting/Research Customer satisfaction: Recognition & ease of giving (Awareness) Customer retention: Information on results, quality, timely service Internal Case Statements/FR/Key internal business processes Fundraising Information processing and communications Pledge processing Product development Volunteer and staff development Customer service Interdepartmental communications Innovative products Develop a research and development process to come up with new, innovative products Recent projects: Styles Multimedia Productions Design & Publishing, LLC,, Shaw Holdings, LLC

Evolution The Educational Societies We Live Within The Social Learning Experiences Field Work 1 edition
By Dr. Sheila Jocelyn Shaw, D.B.A/M.B.A
Cover of: Evolution The Educational Societies We Live Within The Social Learning Experiences Field Work by Dr. Sheila Jocelyn Shaw, D.B.A/M.B.A
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"Social capital necessary for success in college and the workforce".;
"Every student should graduate from high school with the educational preparation and social capital necessary for success in college and the workforce... To be effective leaders in establishing a college-going culture, counselors must be strong advocates for their students and their profession and possess the skills to drive positive change in the school. Strategic planning is an essential tool for school counselors to use to drive positive change in schools. Strategic planning helps school counselors use data to set clear goals and develop strategies with measurable outcomes for student achievement and success. Using this process helps school counselors to align college and career counseling with school improvement plans. It makes the case that college counseling is an effective way to meet the goals set by principals and district leaders.


Education for a Global Society- “Education is a human right with immense power to transform. On its foundation rest the cornerstones of freedom, democracy and sustainable human development.”

National Commission on Adult Literacy

added by Dr. Sheila Jocelyn Shaw, D.B.A. "The paradigms in educational curriculum has evolved to meet every type of student imaginable, from diverse backgrounds, career choices, beit one or dual careers, flexibility while accelerated learning platforms have evolved the educational venues for all, not one select or elite class or citizen."
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(flipping book) Evolution I
Evolutions II (flipping book)
Evolutions II
Evolution I
Evolution I (Spanish version)


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