Sunday, March 13, 2016

the Voluntary Public School Choice Program supports efforts to establish or expand intradistrict, interdistrict, and open enrollment public school choice programs to provide parents, particularly parents whose children attend low-performing public schools, with expanded education options. For more information: Public School Choice Guidance download files MS Word (958KB) | PDF (304KB) Voluntary Public School Choice Program Giving Parent Options Innovations in Education: Creating Strong District School Choice Programs

Private Schools Most private or nonpublic schools in the U.S. are religious, and many are affiliated with a religious faith, denomination, or local church. Many nonpublic schools without a religious identity or affiliation are private schools designed to prepare students for college. Other independent schools are based on a particular educational philosophy or approach to learning, such as Montessori or Waldorf schools; have a special needs focus, such as schools for students who are deaf or blind; or have a specific subject matter specialty, such as science and technology or the arts. For more information: Office of Non-Public Education Participation of children enrolled in private schools Council for American Private Education Home Schools Homeschooled children may be taught by one or both parents, by tutors who come into the home, or through virtual school programs conducted over the Internet...


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