Monday, December 12, 2016

Greek Advisory Board (GAB) The Greek Advisory Board comprises representatives from the four alumni councils, four undergraduate councils, IUSF Board of Associates, and university staff from the IU Foundation, the IU Alumni Association, Student Life and Learning, and Dean of Students offices. The purpose of the Greek Advisory Board is to complement the mission of Student Life and Learning through service, communication, and programs that promote and foster alumni/ae involvement. Student Organization Ethics Board The Student Organization Ethics Board fosters student learning and development by holding student organizations accountable to the IU Code of Student Rights, Responsibilities, and Conduct. The collaborative Ethics Board process enhances student civility, character, and citizenship while building a sense of community, responsibility, and a respect for diversity. Learn more about the Ethics Board. Internal Standards Board Indiana University supports and challenges student organizations to be self-governing and to hold their members accountable internally. It is an expectation that all fraternities and sororities have an internal standards board that holds members accountable to their organization’s purpose and policies as well as University policies when violated. Chapter members can contact their university advisor to discuss how to create, implement or better utilize a standards board. If you need assistance or additional information regarding an organization’s status, please contact


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