Saturday, July 30, 2011

Experiential Learning/How TECEP® Exams Work
TECEP fees have been reduced to $99 per test for both enrolled and nonenrolled students.
The Thomas Edison State College Examination Program (TECEP®) was designed especially with the adult learner in mind, and has enabled students to earn college credit without taking formal courses for more than 35 years.

How TECEP® Exams Work
One way to demonstrate your college-level knowledge is to prepare for and pass a test. Students select a test in a subject area in which they have prior knowledge or experience. Then, they prepare for the test using a test description, and register to take the test when they are ready. Once you pass the exam, you receive college credit. TECEP® exams are designed for highly independent learners who have the ability to study in a student-centered environment with no time constraints, no assignments, and no mentor interaction.

Preparing for Your TECEP®

You can view a list of TECEP® exams and print the test description for each one. Browse our TECEP® tests.

A test description includes a list of exam topics, suggested study materials and sample questions. By reviewing the test description material you'll know how to prepare for the exam. You'll study at your own pace and schedule your own test date at a convenient location. If something unexpected comes up, you can reschedule your test date. 

Learn more about preparing for a TECEP®.

You may have developed college-level skills and knowledge through your
past work, training, volunteering, adult education courses, hobbies, inservice
work or other experiences. The PLA program can enable you to
demonstrate this knowledge and earn credit for it. Because you will be
demonstrating the college-level knowledge you have already acquired,
usually no book purchase is required. Course objectives and a schedule
of assignment due dates, which will guide you in the development of your
narrative, will be available for you to view at the beginning of the term. The
course mentor will also assist you in determining what additional
evidence is required.

All TECEP® Tests

TECEP fees have been reduced to $99 per test for both enrolled and nonenrolled students.

Select a test to view the test description.

English Composition
English Composition I (ENC-101-TE)
English Composition II (ENC-102-TE)
Public Relations Thought & Practice (COM-210-TE)
Technical Writing (ENG-201-TE)
Introduction to News Reporting (JOU-110-TE)
Social Sciences
Introduction to Political Science (POS-101-TE)
Psychology of Women (PSY-270-TE)
Marriage and the Family (SOC-210-TE)
Natural Sciences/Mathematics
The Science of Nutrition (BIO-208-TE)
Business and Management
Federal Income Taxation (ACC-421-TE)
Business in Society (BUS-311-TE)
Business Policy (BUS-421-TE)
Security Analysis and Portfolio Management (FIN-321-TE)
Financial Institutions and Markets (FIN-331-TE)
Marketing Communications (MAR-321-TE)
Sales Management (MAR-322-TE)
Advertising (MAR-323-TE)
Operations Management (OPM-301-TE)
Human Services
Kinesiology (FIT-211-TE)
Introduction to Human Services (HUS-101-TE)
Computer Science Technology
Network Technology (CMP-354-TE)


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