Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Value of Uniqueness vs. Orthodoxy ... article

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March-April 1998 - Articles
Fly-Fishing to College
The Value of Uniqueness vs. Orthodoxy
Alison McKee

"GED vs. the personalized diploma."
As I had always suspected, taking the GED was a guarantee of nothing. In fact, a story came to me of a young man who had been advised by a university admissions counselor to take the GED before sending in his application. When the young man finally took the exam and submitted his score (which was a good one) along with his application for admissions, he was told, "We don't accept students who have taken the GED." He got nowhere with his appeals...
The GED seemed to be a test which, when passed, signified only basic literacy in general schoolish subjects. ..


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