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"Bright, Motivated students with superior academic records" IB World School s- Authorized to issue IB Diploma Programme

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The IB Diploma Programme is for bright, motivated students with superior academic records


The International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme provides courses and examinations leading to the IB diploma. Colleges and universities in the United States and abroad respect the IB Diploma Programme for its balanced curriculum and demanding examinations. The IB Diploma Programme has grown to more than 1,293 schools around the world. The IB Diploma Programme is for bright, motivated students with superior academic records. Entrance requirements vary among high schools. Although the IB Diploma Programme begins with grade 11, students are encouraged to begin preparatory work no later than the freshman year of high school. Elementary and middle school IB preparatory programs have also been established.

IB World Schools

The International Baccalaureate® (IB) does not own, operate or manage any schools. Instead, we work in partnership with 3,290 IB World Schools in 141 countries who offer our programmes

Article 7: Content of the programme
7.1 Candidates for the IB diploma must satisfy assessment requirements in six subjects, each studied over a period
of two years, except that not more than two standard level courses may be completed in the first year of the
General regulations: Diploma Programme
programme. Languages
The six subjects must be selected from six groups as described in the current handbook for the appropriate
examination session, at least three and not more than four subjects being offered at higher level and the others
at standard level. Recommended teaching time is 240 hours to complete higher level courses and 150 hours to
complete standard level courses.
7.2 In addition to the six subjects, candidates for the IB diploma must:
a. take a course in, and complete the required assessment in, theory of knowledge, for which the
IB Organization recommends at least 100 hours of teaching over the two-year period of the Diploma
b. complete an approved programme of extra-curricular activities known as CAS
c. complete and submit for assessment an extended essay in a subject available for this purpose. Work
on the essay, which is expected to occupy approximately 40 hours, must be done under the direct
supervision of a teacher at the school who is familiar with the Diploma Programme.
7.3 If the special conditions of entry into an institution of higher education require an IB diploma candidate to
offer a choice of subjects different from that specified in the current handbook, a candidate may be allowed to
make a reasonable substitution on presentation of appropriate documentary evidence to the IB Organization.
This is referred to as a “non-regular diploma” and must be authorized by the IB Organization.
ab initio and pilot subjects can never be completed in the first year of the programme.


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