Sunday, August 14, 2011

How to Calculate Class Rank

if you had a class rank of 10 in a class of 100 students, you would be in the top 10% of the class.
Use your GPA to determine your specific numerical ranking out of the students in your class. Ask your guidance counselor for a list of the GPAs of your class from highest to lowest; the majority of guidance counselors will be able to tell you your exact numerical class rank. For example, if the person with the 12th highest GPA had a cumulative 3.45, and you had the next highest GPA at 3.41, your numerical class rank would be 13th.
Many colleges require the class rank of a potential student as part of the specific application process of that university. Class rank is a quick way of comparing how a student performed grade-wise when compared to all the other students of their class. Class rank is always based on GPA, which is a grade point average calculated based on the numerical grades acquired in each course, and how much the course was worth. Your specific guidance counselor or advisor will have your cumulative GPA available to you at all times,and in addition, your cumulative GPA is usually included on each report card you receive

Read more: How to Calculate Class Rank |

Read more: How to Calculate Class Rank |


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