Why Telecommute?
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  • Save time and money by not driving to work each day
  • Find more personal time with a more flexible work schedule
  • Avoid the stress associated with commuting through traffic
  • Persons with mobility issues or disabilities can find opportunities for employment
  • Employers may save money on facilities and gain productivity from key employees
  • Retain employees who require flexible schedules or move to another location
  • Employers can reach untapped labor pools to support their business
Now... Are you looking for a way to work at home to make your life simpler while still earning money?
Are you interested in the benefits of telecommuting work options for employees and employers?
What is telecommuting?Telecommuting is essentially working from home full-time or several days out of the work week. Someone who telecommutes may be an independent contractor, an entrepreneur, or an employee of an organization that has telecommuting work options. More and more workers are telecommuting. Why?

Reasons To Telecommute:
Flexible Work Hours: If you are telecommuting then your schedule becomes more flexible. This flexibility allows you to choose when it is most practical and time-efficient to run errands, see doctors, and transport children. Most work-from-home jobs offer individuals opportunities to work part-time, full-time and often around the clock.
Spend Less Money: Telecommuters can save money on transportation costs such as gas, parking, public transportation, work clothes, and dry cleaning bills.  Employers can save money by reducing overhead and retaining employees.
Rush Less: Telecommuters have greater flexibility to plan non work-related activities around their business schedule instead of searching for time in the early morning, late evening, or during lunch.
Save Time: Telecommuters will save the time they now take to commute to their place of employment.
Avoid Distractions: At times employees in an office setting can be distracted from their work by untimely interruptions from peers, impromptu meetings, or pulled away onto other projects.  Telecommuters may find themselves more productive.
More Family Time: Working from home usually means telecommuters have more time with their family. You can adjust your hours to work during non-family time and be available for the people you care about.
Help The Environment: Working from home part or full-time reduces the auto emissions and decreases gas consumption. By working from home, you can feel good about reducing your commuting costs and contributing to a cleaner environment.
Stay Healthy: Working from home decreases the stress caused by inflexible hours, commuting time and costs, continual rushing to unmet family needs, sitting idle during a commute and provides time to exercise or pursue endeavors of particular interest to you.
Potential Tax Deductions: Income deductions are available for home-based work-related expenses such as fax, scanner, phone, computer and office supplies.
Reduce the Need for Outsourcing or Off-shoring Work: Working from home helps keep jobs domestic and reduces need or desire for business and industry to contract with other countries for work that can be done at sites other than the main office.
If any of the above reasons for teleworking sounds appealing, you might be an excellent candidate for a career in telecommuting to work.

More information on the reasons to telecommute for jobseekers, training, and employment service providers, employees, and employers can be found under the  Jobseeker, Provider and Employer sections of  Other on-line resources include and Staffcentrix.

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As an employer, why would you want to have employees telecommute?
Why not join those who are experiencing the financial and human resource benefits of a workforce with flexible work options?
Are you an employer who is looking to:

  • Exploring telecommuting as a winning human resource strategy for increasing productivity?
  • Attracting and retaining qualified workers, including those with disabilities?
  • Reducing overhead costs and hours spent commuting?
  • Preserving natural resources?
  • Strengthening community relationships?

Telework or telecommuting has a variety of definitions but for most employers it means work that would normally have been performed from a central office setting can now be performed at home or remote location.  To telecommute includes the use of a computer, internet connection, telephone, scanner, or even fax machine.  It involves moving work to the workers instead of workers to work. Part-time or full-time telecommuting can be an informal or formal arrangement between the employer and the employee.

Over the last 15 years increases in commuter traffic, business property taxes, employee benefits, and fuel prices have combined with advances in technology (including security protection) and concerns about work/family balance to motivate employers to explore alternatives, such as restructuring work and work sites.  Many employers have discovered that integrating telecommuting into their human resource structures for those tasks that lend themselves to working from sites other than the primary work site allow companies to decrease costs and increase profits.  At the same time, technology now makes it possible for both employers and employees, particularly those with short term and long term disabilities, to increase productivity and add value to the economy.

Telecommuting Websites & Resources on the Internet
RatRaceRebellion– The “Rat Race” used to refer only to the world of work -- and a 9-to-5, short-commute world at that! Now the Rat Race -- and hence the Rebellion -- takes many forms such as telecommuting and working from home.  The site offers job postings.

Telecommute Connecticut! – Statewide initiative providing free assistance to Connecticut employers with the design, development, and implementation of telecommuting as a worksite alternative.
Call:  1-800-ALL-RIDE or 1-800-255-7433.

The American Telecommuting Association – For a free publication “How Can I Start Telecommuting?” Call: 1-800-ATA-4-YOU.

TelecommutingMoms – If you're ready to join the growing ranks of telecommuting moms you have come to the right place. Its mission is to help any mom to become a telecommuting mom! The site provides resources, information, articles, tips, and work at home jobs. 

TeleworkUSA – Rehabilitation research and training center on workplace supports and job retention.

YouCanWorkFromAnywhere – Montero’s Consulting, helping you find a more flexible way to work via virtual team training, virtual offices and mobile technology.


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