Monday, October 17, 2011

20 Facebook Tutorials 24/7 Video Training; Introducing the Total Social Media System by Social Outbreak

Introducing the Total Social Media System by Social Outbreak

If you're like most businesses today, you're wondering who has a real solution to help you market your business on Facebook.
The Total Social Media System is a built-in professional networking app that runs on Facebook's platform, and provides you with:
  • Simple & Easy - An easy to download app that comes fully integrated inside Facebook and gives you an immediate presence for you and your business
  • Custom Branding - Professionally-designed templates allow you to upload compelling graphics, copy, and video branded with your logo, colors, and background for a look that belongs to you alone
  • Complete Control - Interactive advertising that gives you complete control over your marketing message, including the ability to add coupons, web specials, even a shopping cart!
  • Instant Notification - A lead capture system that instantly notifies you of a visitor to your page, with full contact info, and a complete demographic profile, including age, sex, location, likes and interests so you know exactly how to follow up
  • Instant Follow-up - An email auto-responder that sends out a custom "thank you note" to your visitor so you'll look professional and attentive
  • Viral Marketing - A news feed about you and your business, including links back to your page, that is automatically posted on your visitors wall for all their friends to see. A click of the link starts the whole process over again, giving you another crop of new prospects


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