The audacity of Udacity

Stanford computer scientist Sebastian Thrun is shaking up the world of higher education again.
You may remember that he was part of an initiative last fall that offered three free Stanford computer science courses to the world. More than 160,000 students signed up for Thrun’s online class in artificial intelligence which he co-taught with Google’s Peter Norvig. Students watched online lectures, took exams and got a letter of completion from the instructors.
Now Thrun is back with an online educational startup called Udacity which will offer free courses on a similar model. Enrollment is now open for the first two computer science courses. If you have some experience programming, you might like to sign up for Programming a Robotic Car, co-taught by Thrun and University of Virginia computer scientist David Evans. If you’re a newbie to programming you can sign up for an introduction to computer science called Building Your Own Search Engine, also co-taught by Thrun and Evans. The promotional video says you don’t need any programming experience to join, and at the end of seven weeks you will have built your own search engine.
Google, watch out.

Enrollment opens for 14 new free Stanford courses

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