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The National Course Atlas

The National Course Atlas

The National Course Atlas ( is an online repository published annually with course offerings from 4,300+ colleges, universities, community colleges, corporate universities, schools and growing list of alternative education providers. The Course Atlas is the foundation database of CollegeTransfer.Net housing courses, course equivalencies, transfer guides and transfer profiles.
Preparing and publishing course offerings is a means to present detail curriculum to students, other institutions and advisors who reference the course offerings for planning and academic purposes. There are many reasons why an institution publishes course listings and catalogs. One major reason is to support those seeking to make comparisons when they need to assess learning comparability, applicability and articulation for transfer. Validation of course catalogs and course inventory in our National Course Atlas ensures a smooth import of course equivalency data and helps students, advisors and other institutions reference your academic offerings. Your courses can be viewed online and associated with course equivalency decisions made by your institution and others. In fact, through Web services, your courses and related course equivalencies can be viewed on smart phones like the iPhone, Windows7 Phones and Android through the AcademyOne's mobile app, the AcademicGPS. Please visit for more information on downloading the smart phone apps.
The National Course Atlas is primarily an online repository of currently offered courses. Yet, we do retain an archive of old courses by start and end date and the changes made to them as they evolve. This allows you to import courses on a snapshot as many times as you like. Each course reveals the detail course description and attributes. In addition, the course equivalencies can be accessed to help students seeking transferability disclosure. For instance, the screen below shows how a student enrolled in Drexel can discover comparable courses they may be able to take over the summer and transfer back to Drexel with advisor approval.
The Course Atlas houses over 3.5 million current college level course offerings from over 4,300 institutions of all types and the comparability links between the courses published by those same institutions. Historical course descriptions are not the focus of the Course Atlas, just like a collection of maps in an Atlas does not reveal old roads or bridges that have been taken down. Archival maps must be retrieved to find old roads, towns and cities as they once stood. The primary purpose of the Course Atlas is to afford the ability to compare current courses to allow a proactive focus on course planning.
The National Course Atlas is the only complete dataset offering a public index and search of associated college level course offerings. The repository offers free storage of course artifacts, including syllabi, which support academic assessment of prior learning through the tools offered by AcademyOne. All of the services and tools published on CollegeTransfer.Net utilize the Course Atlas.

Compiled from 4,300 institution websites and catalogs. 3.5+ million Courses.
Browse our course catalog of more than 3.4 million course descriptions at over 3,000 colleges, and find alternatives for nearly 60,000 courses.

(, a nonprofit, is a free platform for original tutorial videos and assessments, and users earn virtual badges for mastering a given subject. Codecademy ( offers free, hands-on online programming courses and exercises. Coursera (, a for-profit online educator, partners with colleges, universities and other institutions to offer courses that are free to take, but there is typically associated course work—graded via machine or by peers—and there might be a charge for an optional course-end certificate.


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