Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Top Resume Strategies/•Sell yourself and your brand.

You choose brands all the time—when you’re buying food, clothes, and other products. Today, career experts recommend that you think of yourself as a brand:
  • In a tough job market, you need to stand out. Knowing how you're different from other job seekers and the value you bring to the employer helps you do this.
  • Employers are short on time and attention. You must communicate who you are and what you offer quickly and concisely. And you should only offer information that's relevant.
  • With so many marketing options, you need to be consistent. Your resume, LinkedIn profile, and other marketing documents should send a consistent message.
  • Most work today is project-based. Project teams are often brought together quickly. To be considered, you need to know precisely what you bring to the table.
So what, exactly, is your brand? Your brand is simply how you want to be seen by others in the marketplace, and, ultimately, how others see you.


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