Thursday, August 16, 2012

AcademyOne helps institutions take control of data -Institutions face many challenges to keep up with the pace and rate of ‘transfer-in’ and ‘transfer-out’ enrollment.AcademyOne helps institutions take control of data -

Data, Data Everywhere...

Institutions face many challenges to keep up with the pace and rate of ‘transfer-in’ and ‘transfer-out’ enrollment. The phenomenon known as student churn or swirling enrollment describes student enrollment patterns that span multiple postsecondary providers. The evaluation of transcripts and assessment of prior learning, such as credit-by-examination and military credits, create an abundance of work for academic professionals, delay the progress of students and counteract expensive marketing and enrollment efforts.
A proliferation of online learning providers and alternative course taking methods has increased the evaluation of credit workload tenfold. Today it is not uncommon for institutions to evaluate three to six transcripts per student which may span years or decades of college level learning. Students of all ages expect websites and mobile applications to quickly deliver accurate, up-to-date credit transfer information.

AcademyOne helps institutions take control of data to...

  • Save time by eliminating redundancies in the transfer credit evaluation process.
  • Reduce paperwork and improve decision making workflow with consolidated data repositories of course information and course equivalency data.
  • Integrate and synchronize transfer and articulation, SIS and portal data silos for accurate, comprehensive, holistic data views.
  • Offer data and decision dashboards that are meaningful based on user roles such as advisor, registrar, faculty member, department chair and administrator.
  • Reduce the burden on institutions to share, update and promote transfer options, articulation agreements and degree completion pathways with students and advisors.
  • Lower administrative and marketing costs on transfer student recruitment and enrollment.
  • Offer prospective and current students web and mobile based self-service.
  • Retain students with degree planning tools that recognize multi-institutional pathways.
  • Improve graduation rates by expanding degree completion options to include transfer credit.
  • Generate system reports to inform decision making, measure usage, verify policy compliance and reveal data patterns and trends.
AcademyOne helps institutions manage the volume and complexity of academic decision making with higher education software solutions that proactively and methodically address academic mobility.


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