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Einstein University-

Einstein University

Einstein University's mission is to promote world peace, teach people to be better stewards of the planet, and make scientific discovery the top priority of human society. Our plan to accomplish this mission: 1. Offer degrees directly to students. 2. To support traditional universities and colleges. 3. To increase the number and quality of primary and secondary school teachers worldwide.

Introduction to Einstein University

Einstein University hopes to be a 100% free online open university. Instead of charging student tuition, Einstein University will fund itself through web advertisement and uses open textbooks and volunteer professors to drive down the cost of education. Anyone from any country can attend and all age groups are welcome. Also, since Einstein University is 100% free and open to everyone, there is no application process and previous academic achievements are not taken into consideration. All Einstein University course content will always be open to the public and students will never be charged a single penny to attend class or earn credit. Einstein University hopes to be to open college textbooks what Wikipedia is to the Encyclopedia and our website is built on the same software.
In the last 20 years, the Internet has revolutionized the ways humans interact and communicate
Einstein University:Community portal-
General tasks
  • Create a new textbook or chapter within a textbook.
  • Help develop the chapter titles and sub-page titles for an entire textbook.
  • Write a chapter (it doesn't have to be perfect, it's a wiki).
  • Create an assignment and have your students write a textbook or chapter together.
  • Patrol existing textbooks and add chapters and other content to them.
  • Backlogs always needs attention.
  • Browse existing textbooks and other course material and assess them for quality and accuracy.
  • Browse textbooks and make sure they are using the correct templates and format.
  • Browse textbooks and make sure they are following the Einstein University:Manual of Style|Manual of Style]].
  • Browse textbooks and make sure they are using the proper Citation.
  • Add content to the World Library. All books and manuscripts before 1923 are in the public domain and can be uploaded and used.
  • Start a new Reference book. Our goal is to create hundreds of free reference books and other reference material.
  • Start a new journal. Our goal is to create hundreds of open journals that discuss the latest scientific discoveries.
  • Create a new Virtual lab and add it to a textbook. It can be a video, multimedia, or any other form of interactive education.
  • Help add web resources to the Web Resources tab.
  • Create a news article. This helps students keep up with the latest information and news.
  • Help build our virtual campus inside Second Life.
  • Create Semantic templates that will make it easier for users to enter data and use these functions.
  • Help translate Einstein University textbooks and course material to other languages.
  • Get other professors and students at your university involved by helping them create a profile and showing them how easy it is to use.

Earning Credit

Since anyone who has a computer and internet access can freely attend Einstein University, there is no admission process and previous academic achievements are not taken into consideration. Anyone can read the open textbooks, watch video lectures, and access the other course material. But in order to take a course test, you must sign up for a free account. Though Einstein University offers a wide variety of course material to enhance a student learning experience, all tests are based solely on the individual textbooks for each course. Each open college textbook is divided into three sections with a corresponding test for each section. In order for a student to pass a course and receive credit he or she must receive a B average or 80 percent combined score for all three tests. Students can take a section test whenever he or she feels ready by clicking on the Exam tab. Once you hit the Take Test button, click on the link and you will be redirected to the Moodle Course Management Systems(CMS) where you will be required to log in with your Moodle user name and password. Please note that your Moodle user name and password is different than the one used to log in to Einstein University. Once inside Moodle, click on the class you are currently taking and then the Quiz button. Students will only have an opportunity to take each test once, so please study and absorb the course material thoroughly before beginning a section test. Each test consists of 100 multiple choice questions and you will have one hour to complete each test. Please note that Einstein University is still in the early stages of it's development and it might be several years before it can offer courses for credit.


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