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Home School Science
Curriculum Choices

Some of the most common methods of teaching science include:
  • textbook and discussion questions
  • hands-on and activity-based experiments found at Internet sites such as
  • high school science with lab
  • computer software
  • tutorial or co-op program

What's more important than learning how to become an Intelligent Thinker? Develop thinking skills, define a problem, access knowledge, research unknowns, evaluate findings, application of solutions, and final evaluation – these are among the most important skills one can utilize. This one skill alone can be carried over into virtually every aspect of your life; professional, educational, inter-personal, relationship-building, and spirituality. And when added to other cognitive skills such as communication, collaboration, one realizes the power of Intelligent Thinking.

All of our units have thinking routines that are based on a core component called Habits of the Mind, developed by Harvard University, Visible Thinking in Action, and used by permission. 

They are also influenced and used by permission from our friends at High Tech High. 

This is the starter kit that is attached to each of our Project Based Learning (PBL) units. These lessons can be used as free standing lessons, or incorporated into any other lesson subject, by nature of it being simply the "how to become an intelligent thinker" guide. When used in conjunction with our Project Based Learning units, it is a win-win scenario – increasing cognitive skills while working on an exciting project – real life application. Enjoy this free peek & check out our project units!

Thanks, Kate

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