Sunday, October 13, 2013

AcademyOne powers CollegeTransfer.Net as a public service. We believe in the basic principal that if we (the education providers including community colleges, private colleges, public colleges, universities) advertise the benefit of education, we should stand behind the quality of course offerings by showing the world how they stand up to other similar courses. There are over 3.5 million college level courses offered every year across the United States which are subsidized by the taxpayers through the public benefit of supporting education in general. There are many subjects and topics, and many won't be exactly transferable or comparable; however, many are. This is at the center of our driving passion and cause. We believe it is our responsibility to publish how courses compare, or how they don't. We can inform consumers (yes, students are consumers) about how their investment will carry forward or apply toward an eventual credential or degree. We have over 1,000 community colleges, colleges and universities participating on CollegeTransfer.Net, featuring and highlighting how they serve transfer students.


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