Sunday, October 13, 2013

Block Transfer: Another way to track transferability is to learn more about specific Transfer Agreements published between schools. Transfer Agreements are formal documents published by joint agreement between one or more Community Colleges and Senior Institutions that will accept a block of course credits - usually up to 60. Transfer agreements are often restricted by major or area of study. They are also called transfer articulation agreements - because the courses are specific - or bundled into a timetable reducing the variability of courses. Transfer agreements are more like course checklists narrowing the choices of courses one should take in preparation for transfer to a target institution and program. See how your credits will transfer and count toward your associates and undergraduate degrees by following transfer agreements by major or program of study. You can search and find transfer agreements by Community College or "receiving" Institution. Learn how to leverage these important documents right here on CollegeTransfer.Net. We have assembled the largest database of transfer agreements anywhere on the Internet. A Transfer Agreement can cover two years of college - reducing your costs by more than 50% - so it maybe one of the best things you should investigate further.


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