Tuesday, October 25, 2011

http://www.studentclearinghouse.org/colleges/default.htm/ also available Electronic Transcript Exchange

Your Partner for Educational Verification & More

Participating in the Clearinghouse provides you with access to our full range of services, most at no charge (for more, see our  fee schedule).
  • Core Service Provides enrollment verifications and deferments for your financial aid students to lending organizations and NSLDS.* A compliance report for your auditors of the Clearinghouse's Federal Student Financial Assistance enrollment reporting activities is available for your review. Gainful Employment Reporting is also available at no charge.
  • DegreeVerify Frees your registrar staff from manually verifying degrees for graduates to employers, background search firms, and recruiters.
  • EnrollmentVerify Enables you to fully outsource requests for enrollment verifications using data that you already provide to the Clearinghouse.
  • StudentTracker Allows you to query our nationwide database of postsecondary enrollment and degree records to improve your educational research results and recruiting efforts.
  • Student Self-Service Allows your students to print enrollment certificates and view their enrollment histories and verifications via the Web for free.
  • Transcript Services
    • Electronic Transcript Exchange enables you to exchange electronic transcripts with participating educational institutions and agencies via the Clearinghouse's secure network.
    • Transcript Ordering allows your students and alumni to order transcripts via the Web. Every step of the transcript ordering process is automated enabling you to provide 24/7 service while reducing your administrative burden and costs. Electronic delivery of transcript PDFs is available, along with digital signature and rights management options to ensure document integrity.
  • Clearinghouse Academy Workshop Enables representatives from local institutions to learn more about our services and network with one another during a free half-day workshop.
For more information, contact us at service@studentclearinghouse.org.


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