Thursday, October 27, 2011

The seven steps to goal setting

  Your life can't go according to plan if you have no PLAN!
                       If you Fail to Plan, You Plan to Fail

   The seven steps to goal setting

1.  Identify the Goal & Write down the goal ( be specific )
2.  Set deadlines, one month, two months, 1 year, ect. and set a completion date
3.  List all the obstacles you need to overcome in obtaining your Goal
4.  Identify the people, organizations, etc. you need to work with.
                                                                     "BE - DO - Have"
5.  List skills, knowledge, etc. you will need ( what kind of person do you need to "BE", to achieve your goal ) Most people think that they have to have something, before they can  do something, and then they can "BE" someone.  That is opposite thinking, you have to BE the right kind of person to DO what you need to do before you can have the things you want to HAVE.
Write down what you would like to "HAVE", then write down what you need to "DO" to have what you want to "HAVE", then write down what kind of a person do you need to "BE", to "DO" what you need to do to have what you want to "HAVE".
Develop a plan
6.  List benefits of reaching your Goal (Is this what is best for me and everyone I will be surrounding myself with)
7.  Make sure your goals are balanced. You need to set goals for Physical, Family, Financial, Social, Spiritual, Mental, and Career. Successful people know how to have balance in their life.

                 Ask these five questions about your goals: Is it really my goal? . Is it morally right and fair to everyone? Will reaching this goal take me closer to or further from my major objective in life? Can I emotionally commit myself to start and finish this project? Can I "see" myself reaching this goal? Visualize the Goals. When the outlook is bleak, remain positive.
Benefit to You –Making better plans and Working with motivated people will make 2010
                                                                 a very productive year.


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