Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"...great performance is more available than you ever thought..." Motivational Book List

...famous quote by George Washington Carver out of my mind (apologies for repeating this in an earlier posting):
“People who do the common things in this life uncommonly well
will command the attention of the world!”

The Success Principles jack Canfield
Mindset Carol Dwech
falling Forward John Maxwell
Outliers, the Story of Success Malcolm Gladwell
The Winner's Brain Jeff Brown
Brain Rules Robin Sharma
No Excuses Brian Tracy
Rela Leadership John C Maxwell
Yes, 50 Proven Ways to Be Persuasive Noah J Goldstein
How to Stay Motivated Zig Ziglar
50 Success Classics Tom Butler Bowden
Think & Grow Rich Napoleon Hill
Talent is Overrated - Geoff Colvin (http://www.geoffcolvin.com/books/)
Today Matter- John Maxwell
Attitude is Everything Keith Harrell
Eat That Frog- Brian Tracy
Success Mastery Academy Brian Tracy
Luck or Smart - Bo PeaBody

Why talent is overrated

The conventional wisdom about "natural" talent is a myth. The real path to great performance is a matter of choice.


Talent Is Overrated:
What Really Separates World-Class Performers From Everybody Else


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