Saturday, May 26, 2012


Demand for high customer satisfaction or client satisfaction with the services or products of the organization especially when costs are related!
Any company that lacks a skill or resource enters into an agreement with a company or person (consultant or a contract employee) with that skill or resource
Changes in technology and changes in customer needs-Maximus utility- use of resources efficiently to adapt to environmental changes
Pressures form the external environment for a dual focus
High uncertainty within multiple sectors of the external environment
(multiple elements in the external environment are changing fast, creating high uncertainty about future states of the environment, High uncertainty creates a strong need for more information)
Constraints on human and physical resources
(The matrix organization encourages SHARING thos resources and allows flexibility in meeting competing request
(High Trust -Brand Integrity- from others in that network is required, Quality, Business Continuity)
Widely scattered organization s to form a network focused on a specific goal
product design, process design, suctomer service
changing opportunities
contraints in the environment
reduction in processing time
responsiveness on a case manager/client relationship
Diversify to stay competitive
Global attention to product categories
Marketing strategies involving
Product innovation
Trends that affect the organization such as technological needs and customer changes in lifestyle
Virtual links, interdependence, virtual links with suppliers


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