Friday, June 22, 2012

The CourseAtlas Sevices Beta provides web services for accessing to the CourseAtlas database - a one-of-kind, centralized repository of courses and institutions.

Compiled from 4,300 institution websites and catalogs. 3.5+ million Courses.
Browse our course catalog of more than 3.4 million course descriptions at over 3,000 colleges, and find alternatives for nearly 60,000 courses.

(, a nonprofit, is a free platform for original tutorial videos and assessments, and users earn virtual badges for mastering a given subject. Codecademy ( offers free, hands-on online programming courses and exercises. Coursera (, a for-profit online educator, partners with colleges, universities and other institutions to offer courses that are free to take, but there is typically associated course work—graded via machine or by peers—and there might be a charge for an optional course-end certificate.


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