Thursday, August 16, 2012

the changing environment of serving 21st Century learners,Fostering Student Success-Fostering Institution Success

AcademyOne hosts an innovative higher education cloud for web portals and mobile applications that serve government agencies, institutions and learners. The company builds and powers applications for navigating college transfer, transforming student guidance, facilitating curriculum alignment and connecting disparate data silos to provide better guidance information for learners, advisors and their stakeholders. Select a team that invests in your success and has the experience, wisdom and technology to help bring your ideas to life.

Six million courses are transferred each year, and the manual articulation procedures which include processing transcripts for assessing coursework and assigning transfer credits can’t keep up with the volume. Most of the practices which rely on paper based, outdated, inefficient and mistake ridden methods are costly both in terms of dollars and missed opportunities. Worse, some providers utilize stale and antiquated datasets that amass huge trails of past transfer experiences contaminated by lack of attention and coding errors caused by lack of systematic processes and lack of resources. Administrative costs for each transfer request average $500. The total cost in the US is $3.5 billion to assess prior learning using current methods.
There are two general strategies to addressing student mobility and academic credit portability:
  • Proactive is predetermined and planned in advance reducing the friction and impact of the movement. Study abroad programs and student exchange programs come to mind because they are well prepared to address the process and events.
  • Reactive is the method of waiting for the student to leave one education provider and enroll in another leaving several consequences uncharted. Students often can take off time and the currency of their prior learning may be called into question.


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