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Demonstrating effective use of classroom technology, "Portfolio Assessment & High Technology" shows students engaged in a variety of portfolio assessment act... 

Evidence of Learning Portfolios, Portfolio Assessment and High technology, Electronic Portfolios for Alternate Assessment

Orig­i­nal ar­ti­cle with links, pdf down­loads, etc. http://​www.​theartofed.​com/​2013/​09/​27/​live-aoe-workshop-in-progress/​ Port­fo­lios con­tin­ue to be one of the most au­then­tic and com­pre­hen­sive ways to as­sess stu­dent art work, and pro­vide a valu­able op­por­tu­ni­ty for stu­dents to re­view and eval­u­ate their own work. Whether you pre­fer tra­di­tion­al port­fo­lios or are mov­ing the archiv­ing of art­work to dig­i­tal for­mats, the power of the port­fo­lio can be an asset to your art pro­gram. This work­shop will cover some of the best dig­i­tal port­fo­lio op­tions out there and pro­vide trips and tricks for or­ga­niz­ing tra­di­tion­al port­fo­lio pro­cess­es for the most ef­fec­tive out­come. We will also talk about dif­fer­ent ways to use the port­fo­lio pro­cess to cre­ate and ad­min­is­ter as­sess­ments and stu­dent re­flec­tions for all age lev­els. Let's talk port­fo­lios!


In 30 Minutes- A Prior Learning Assessment Primer

Recognition of Prior Learning Consultancy (RPLC)

Fastest Way to Get a College Degree Online

Preparing the Portfolio: For an Assessment of Prior Learning (ISBN: 9781419673849
Snow, Roslyn
ISBN 10: 141967384X
ISBN 13: 9781419673849

 Achieving the Dream will create an idea-sharing space in community college leadership development. Open source information will be made available to Achieving the Dream stakeholders and other organizations involved in educational leadership. Curricular modules will be developed with Leader College Presidents for use throughout the Achieving the Dream National Reform Network

The Online Consortium of Independent Colleges and Universities(OCICU) answers the needs of independent not-for-profit colleges and universities

The OpenCourseWare Consortium is a collaboration of higher education institutions and associated organizations from around the world creating a broad and deep body of open educational content using a shared model. Administered by CAEL, the National Coalition for Telecommunications Education and Learning (NACTEL) offers online telecom degrees and certifications on its website, There, you can:
  • Start with a single course or an Introductory Certificate
  • Choose an Essentials Certificate or an associate's degree from one of five tracks:
    • Telecommunications
    • Mobile Technology
    • Video Technologies
    • Networking Technologies
    • Wireless Networking
  • Complete with a bachelor's degree with a telecommunications concentration

Apollo Quick List

Prior Learning Assessment options:​

Prior Learning Assessment is not just one method or tool. PLA includes options such as:

Portfolio-based Assessments: also known as individualized student portfolios as taught in CAEL 100. Portfolios can be submitted through
American Council on Education (ACE) Guides:published credit recommendations for formal instructional programs offered by non-collegiate agencies such as civilian employers and the military
Advanced Placement (AP) Exams: a series of tests developed by the College Board initially for AP High School courses, including 34 exams in 19 subject areas
College Level Examination Program (CLEP) Exams: tests of college material, offered by the College Board
DSST Credit by Exam Program: formerly known as the DANTES Program, owned and administered by Prometric, tests knowledge of both lower-level college material through 38 exams
Excelsior College Examination Program: formerly Regents College Exams or ACT/PEP Exams, offered by Excelsior College, NY
UExcel Credit by Exam Program: tests knowledge of lower-level college material; awarded Excelsior College credit can be transferred to other colleges and universities
National College Credit Recommendation Service: (formerly known as National PONSI) evaluates learning experiences for noncollegiate organizations
Evaluation of Local Training: program evaluations done by individual colleges of non-collegiate instructional program


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