Monday, November 7, 2011

Guaranteed courses
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If you fail an exam, fax or mail us your test score along with the workbook showing that you have completed all assignments and practice exams to show that you have participated in a manner that reflects a good faith academic approach and desire to learn the material and we'll give you your money back for the study course. (If you had an online class, we can access those answers via Internet. If you worked on CD-ROM, please call about completed assignments.) We must have your results within 90 days from the day you purchased the course for the guarantee to apply. All workbooks and CD-ROMs must be returned and access to your online course will end if there is a refund issued.

Important notice: The guarantee does NOT cover textbook sales, corporate site licenses or anyone using SmartClub.

Mail your test score, completed assignments, and CD-ROM, or workbooks to:
Attn: Refunds
706 W. Wallace
San Saba, TX 76877
Fax: 928.268.6818


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